Zebra Ribbon White 800015-109


ZEBRA 800015-109 White Ribbon – 1000 images – compatible with Zebra iSeries printers P310i, P320i, P330i, P330m, P420i, P430i and P520i and Zebra C Series printers P300, P310C, P310F, P400, P420C, P500, P520C and P600


Zebra Printer
TrueColours™ Monochrome printer ribbons feature easy-loading and reliably consistent quality for hassle-free printing, card after card. The 800015-109 monochrome ribbon is compatible with any of the following Zebra card printers: Zebra iSeries printersP310i, P320i, P330iP330m, P420i, P430i and P520i  or Zebra C Series printers P310C, P420C, P520C, P620C, and P720C. Monochrome ribbons in general can be used with any Zebra printer.

Organizations around the globe are discovering the power and simplicity of using Zebra’s superior quality monochrome print ribbons for their in-house card programs. Zebra 800015-109 TrueColours™ White Monochrome printer ribbons offer Zebra’s vibrant image reproduction, sharp text, and flawless bar codes that lesser ribbons can’ touch – perfect when you need to print colored plastic cards and badges.
You’ll get great-looking, professional cards with Zebra’s thermal transfer technology. Zebra TrueColours™ Monochrome Resin Ribbons are available in a variety of colors, including: black, red, green, blue, gold, silver, white, and scratch-off gray.



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