Zebra R YMCK (625i) 800012-445

  • 4-Panel YMCK Printer Ribbon compatible with the Zebra ZXP Series 8 Re-transfer card printes
  • Full-color ribbon is capable of producing 625 single-sided or 312 double-sided cards per roll
  • Must be used in conjunction with the 800012-601 Zebra Transfer Film


The powerful Zebra ZXP Series 8 Re-transfer printer is a powerful ID production machine. It’s no wonder that the Zebra 800012-445 YMCK Color Ribbon for Zebra ZXP Series 8 is a powerhouse too! This Zebra ID ribbon is able to produce 625 Single Sided full-color cards or 312 Double Sided full-color cards with crisp photos and clear text.

The Zebra ZXP8 printer uses a two-step process to print a high-resolution reverse image directly to a clear transfer overlay, then uses heat and pressure to transfer the image and the overlay onto an ID card.

Retransfer delivers high print quality, the ability to print on uneven card surfaces such as smart cards, and on non-PVC cards, for a more durable and abrasion-resistant card that lasts longer than traditional materials which gives your ID cards:

  • Superior image quality no matter what type of card you’re printing – including eco-friendly & Smart cards
  • Greater flexibility for true edge-to-edge printing
  • Improved fraud protection and tamper resistance
  • Longer printhead life for lower maintenance & costs

The Zebra 800012-445 color ribbon must be used in conjunction with the 800012-601 Zebra Transfer Film.

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